Audition Notice
Backstage at SPTC (Santa Paula Theater Center), announces open auditions for PLAYZAPALOOZA! 2017 (a series of one act plays).  All roles are open and many actors may be cast in more than one play.
Auditions will be held Sunday, April 23, and Tuesday, April 25, at 7:00 p.m. at the Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 S. 7thStreet.  No appointment necessary.  Auditions will consist of readings from the scripts, which will be available at the auditions.  Sides will be posted on the theater website soon.  Full scripts can be requested at
Run Dates:  Three consecutive weekends beginning Friday, June 2, and closing Sunday, June 18, nine performances total with a special Thursday performance on June 8.  No performance Saturday, June 10.  Rehearsals will commence immediately.
A middle aged married couple each trying to save their marriage.
BOB, M, 40’s-50’s
MARY, F, 40’s-50’s
A middle-aged stripper, discusses how Twinkies helped her with the trauma of breast cancer.
BOBBIE JO BICKFORD, F, 50’s-60’s, attractive, a former stripper
MIRIAM, F, 80 years old, suffering from Alzheimer’s.  She has no speaking lines.
CATHERINE, F, early 50’s, Miriam’s daughter
YOUNG MIRIAM, F, early 20’s
GEORGE, M, early 20’s
A man’s Psyche tries to break him of the habit of falling in love at first sight.
PSYCHE, M, 20’s-30’s
REX, M, 20’s-30’s
CLAIRE, F, 20’s-30’s
Two people drawn to melancholia look for ways to connect to each other and seek true happiness and fulfillment.
BRENDAN, M, 30’s, a bartender
ELIZA, F, 20’s-30’s, an Uber driver
POP STAR  (2M, 1F)
An agent and manager scheme to keep their pop star client at the top of the entertainment food chain.  Their plan is brilliant-now all they need is his full cooperation.
SUZIE, F, 20’s-50’s, a talent agent
BEN, M, 20’s-50’s, a talent manager
TORIN, M, late teens-early 20’s, a pop star
A mom and an adult daughter share laughter and tears as they navigate the difficult road of terminal illness.
ALICE, F, 60’s +, a frail woman
ELIZABETH, F, late 30’s, Alice’s daughter
WISHES  (1M, 1F)
A man’s unusual talent drives a wedge between him and his significant other, until he’s able to use the gift in his favor to benefit them both.
SCOTT, M, 20’s to 40’s
REBECCA, F, 20’s to 40’s