Santa Paula Theater Center Announces Auditions 
                                                                                    for Edward Albee's  SEASCAPE
Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 So. 7th St (corner of 7th and Main), Santa Paula announces auditions for Edward Albee's SEASCAPE on Wed., July10 from 7-9pm and and additional auditions from 1-2pm on Sat., July 13. Invited callbacks are also scheduled Sat., May 13 from 1-4 pm.  There will be cold readings from the script.  This is a Non-Equity Production.  There is no pay.  SEASCAPE runs  6 weekend from Aug. 30-Oct. 6-Friday and Sat. Nights at 8pm and Sunday matinees at 2pm.
SEASCAPE takes place on a deserted stretch of beach with a retirement aged couple relaxing and conversing idly after a picnic lunch about home, family and their life together.  She stretches; he naps.  Then suddenly, they are joined by two human-sized sea creatures, a pair of lizards from the depths of the ocean, with whom they engage in a fascinating dialogue.  Edward Albee says:  "Seascape wonders whether we are an evolving species or perhaps a devolving one.  Two lizards; two humans."  Edward Albee's second Pulitzer Prize winning play has elements of comedy, fantasy, satire and/or absurdism.
SPTC is calling for 4 actors: two females and 2 males.
Charlie-Nancy's husband, who in his retirement wants to rest and do nothing.  Fearful and passive, he is content with the way things are and does not want to be challenged.
Nancy-Charlie's wife, who unlike her husband, is vibrant and curious about the world.  She wants to have adventures and is open to what comes her way.
Leslie-the male lizard is more fearful, defensive, and mistrusting than his mate whom he is very protective of.  Leslie acts most often on instinct like an animal.
Sarah- mate to Leslie, although cautious, is more curious than Leslie and tries to make a connection.  Though Sarah is more deferential than Nancy, she does assert herself to Leslie when an experience is important.
SEASCAPE is the fourth play of SPTC's 5 play Main Stage Season and runs Aug. 30-Oct 6.  
The final production, LOST IN YONKERS by Neil Simon, closes the 2019 Season Nov. 8-Dec. 15.
WHAT:  Auditions for SEASCAPE (production run is 6 weekends, Aug. 30-Oct. 6 Fri. & Sat. at 8p, Sun. Mat. 2:30)
WHO:  4 characters- 2 males and two females (human couple & lizard couple)
WHERE:  Santa Paula Theater Center  125 So. 7th St., Santa Paula
WHEN:  Wed., July 10  Auditions 7-9 pm  and Sat., July 13 Auditions 1-2pm and Invited callbacks 1-4pm
HOW:  Cold Readings from the script