BECKY'S NEW CAR by Steven Dietz 
Santa Paula Theater Center July 1 and 3
The Santa Paula Theater Center announces auditions for the fourth Main Stage show of its 2017 season, BECKY'S NEW CAR by Steven Dietz, directed by Jessi May Stevenson.  Auditions will  held on Saturday, July 1-1:00-4:00 pm andMonday, July 37:00-9:00 pm at Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 So. 7th Street in downtown Santa Paula (corner of 7th and Main St). Cold readings will be from the script (side pages listed below). No appointments are necessary. This is a non-union show.  There is no pay.
BECKY'S NEW CAR  will run for six weekends Aug. 25-Oct. 1 on the SPTC Main Stage with performances on Fri. and Sat. evenings at 8pm and Sunday Matinees at 2:30 pm. 
Becky Foster is stalled. She feels stranded in a dead end job and a marriage that's lost its spark, and needs a jumpstart. Late one night, when a widowed millionaire stumbles into the car dealership where she works, Becky sees her chance and takes it. Suddenly, this ordinary housewife is living a carefree, fulfilling, and dangerous double life, that is, until it accelerates out of control. This hilarious and inventively written story on escaping middle age doldrums is full of twists and turns and asks the audience to ride shotgun in a way they've never done before. It's a devious and delightful romp down the road not taken.


Character descriptions (4 men, 3 women):

Becky Foster (45-55+): The center of the story.  Charming, funny, engaging, honest, charismatic.   Becky is a wife and mother.  She is loyal, hardworking, and missing something.   What?  She’s not sure.  Becky is required to interact with the audience during the production.

Joe Foster (45-55):  Becky’s husband. He is strong, pragmatic, honest, sharper than he looks and a loyal family man with a big heart.

Chris Foster (23-28):  Becky and Joe’s son.  He lives in the basement.   He is a graduate student studying psychology.   He is smart, funny, easy-going, yet passionate – a good kid.

Walter Flood (50-65): A very wealthy businessman recently widowed.  He is charming, friendly, gentle, and a bit out of touch, especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex.


Kensington (Kenni) Flood (23-28): Walter’s daughter.  She is pretty, cynical, smart, a bit spoiled – yet grounded.

Steve (40-55):  A recently widowed car salesman who works with Becky.  He is neurotic, emotional, whiny, manic, clueless.  He’s a bit of a nebbish, but not a bad guy underneath it all.

Ginger (45-55):  Walter’s single neighbor who has recently lost all of her money and the things that go along with it.  She is jaded, funny, honest, and lonely.  She’s on the prowl.

Pages selected from the script for audition:
Becky- pp.92-94
Chris/Becky- pp. 10-13
Steve/Becky- pp.35-38
Walter/Becky- pp.18-24
Joe/Becky- pp.43-47
Kenni/Ginger-pp. 51-52
Ginger/Walter-pp. 53-54